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Thanks for visiting. May I serve you well. I'm an author, coach, facilitator and possibilities coagulator with a penchat for the weird. I help people transform their businesses and lives; engaging dreams and goals to make them real with unyielding persistence. I share how an orphan deals with abandonment and rises to experience many worlds in Zendor the Contrarian. It is a motivated journey for sure.

Over 20 years ago, a Cherokee storyteller friend named Willy Whitefeather used to start his talks with, "Don't believe a thing I say." A couple decades later he told me one had to be 51, in their tradition, before being considered for leadership. I was 46 and frustrated at the time. It took me a while to recognize the wisdom in his words - the wisdom and words of others have far more power in their perceptions and reflections.

Here are a few words about me from those I've had the privilege of knowing:

from Dudley Lynch, Author - Strategy of the Dolphin &zen benefiel recommendation Mother of All Minds, President - Brain Technologies, Inc.:

"I consider Zen Benefiel to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are "eclectic" is engaging in understatement. And this is what makes his services as a "possibilities coagulator" for his clients so valuable and exciting. Smart fellow! Great ally!" February 22, 2009

life coach, partnering facilitator, green business coachTop qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

"Zen Benefiel is a man of great ideas and passion. You will never find Zen in a box ~ "Out of the Box" thinking is one of his best attributes. He is a wonderful motivational speaker and workshop leader. A few years ago I had the opportunity to bring him in to work with a staff of 15 people for Team Building. He did an outstanding job ~ so much so we still use the information as a benchmark for communication” April 23, 2009

K.C. Miller, Founder/Owner, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Do not hire Zen if you will settle for traditional guidance with nojack dermody, four windows surprises. Don't hire Zen if you merely aim to fulfill some education requirement. You see, Zen is no ordinary consultant or facilitator. Do you have any idea how rare it is to find this kind of genius -- a distinguished guru who is a Gandhi-esque idealist and who also happens to have his feet firmly planted on the ground?

In just a few hours. Zen turned around my website and social media from mediocre to amazing. I kept asking myself why I hadn't thought of all the stuff he did. But that's why I hired him. He saw through the trees and helped me back onto my mission.

So hire Zen because you know you need new information. You know you need to think differently. You realize you  had better stop doing what you've been doing wrong for too long. And most of all, you can be sure that Zen will deliver the practical tools that will enable you to succeed at higher levels.

Do not be ordinary. Hire Zen.     -- Jack Dermody, June 8, 2012

“Zen is an exceptionally well qualified facilitator and manager of group processes. He is very effective watching group participants to ensure they are engaged and draws people into the process. He is very open, an excellent communicator and I enjoy working with him. His experience and education make him an excellent choice for leading groups to consensus and goal accomplishment.” November 5, 2009

Stephen Clarke, CEO, Employee Involvement Systems, Inc.

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